Your studio is really big, how many people work in it?

Fifteen people share the space

How did you manage to find such an amazing space?

My husband is a silversmith and we met during our apprenticeship. He worked for the silversmith company Koch & Bergfeld Corpus as a silversmith. 2005 he bought the company and 2007 we moved to the new studio.

The studio is located in Bremen harbour. The house is an old warehouse formerly used to store wine. Different from what the company's name indicates-”KellerWerkstatt”- means “studio in the basement”, the sight from there is wonderful. The studio is on the 3rd floor and allows to see the sky and water.

Koch & Bergfeld is a silver factory with a tradition of 175 years. It is also based in Bremen harbor. This place where in former times ships from all over the world loaded and unloaded their goods is now a modern area with offices, shops and restaurants. The silver factory is located at the waterfront. It combines the workshop and a showroom of 300 square metres.By working together on different projects the idea developed to confront old and new designs. At the same time it reflects the atmosphere of the area, where renovated storehouses have a modern look but one can still sense the old.

Away from your discipline metal what artists inspire you?

As a goldsmith I admire the work of Tone Vigeland, an amazing Norwegian artist. Beside that I try to keep my eyes open. Fashion, architecture, interior, nature, everything can be an inspiration.

As a metal smith working in paper is quite a departure… How did it start?

At the beginning of my career I tried a lot of materials and I switched forth and back between jewellery and interior/objects.

What exhibition/gallery did you last visit that you liked?

I went to the Patek Philip Museum. I wanted to see the old enamel work.

What do you when you are not working?

I have to small children -two and four years old. I like to spend my time with them.

What do you plan to see when you come to London?

I would like to go to the Tate Modern and the Sir John Soane's Museum, also very importantly to enjoy the city.

What came first jewellery or bigger scale work in metal?

I did an apprenticeship as a jeweller. I started my first bigger work in metal later during my college time.

What has been the challenging piece of work you are making for the flow exhibition?

‘A Bouquet of Brooches’. I enjoyed working on one project but also designing different jewels