Interview with ceramic artist Iva Polochova, who will be exhibiting in our forthcoming 'White Show'

The White Show

30th October – 1st March 2016

What does the colour white mean to you?

White means stillness, clarity, lightness and balance to me.It also means all colours united.

Whats does the colour white mean within the context of your work?

My work is primarily concerned with form and texture. White, both envelopes and reveals the clay body of my pieces.

How do you use white in your work?

I use unglazed porcelain for its sensuousness, apparent fragility, actual strength and lightness. I dip or our shiny or mat white glazes on various, usually textured clay bodies fired to stoneware. The results are unique to each piece.

Do you often use white in the art practice or have you used it especially for this exhibition?

White is the colour of preference in all my work.

What does white signify in your work?

White is an integral part of my work with all it's qualities both inherent and percieved.

What work have you made for the show?

I have assemble a few porcelain bowls and a few stoneware pieces into two compositions demonstrating different qualities of white inherent in porcelain and in play with clay bodies. I have also made a group of vessels partially glazes with white.