The White Show

30th October – 1st March 2016

Interview with glass artist Edmond Byrne

What does the colour white mean to you?

In glass opaline, opal, opaque, alabaster, ivory, enamel white, frost, are words we use to describe the nuances of the colour white. White provides the opportunity to obscure colour to create tints and hues.

What does the colour white mean in context within your work?

I like the patination of Roman glass. I make my vessels look weathered similar to ancient glass by adding white china clay or opaline white onto the surface.

How do you use white in you work- technique /style /materials?

With some vessels I dip them into a solution of china clay and water. I do this when the work is very hot, about 1000 C so the clay fuses to the surface and creates cracks in the glass. With other pieces I layer a very thin sliver of white over the glass bubble. As the bubble expands it becomes semi-transparent obscuring the colour behind.

Do you often use white in your art practice or have you used it especially for the exhibition?

I use white a lot in one-way or another. I don't like 'raw' colours, I have to calm them down and weather them to create pastel tints. I usually work with very thin layers of colours to achieve this.

-What work have you made for the exhibition - type / techniques/ style and what does the ‘white' signify in your work? Does it mean anything or do you use it for its visual quality - i.e. surface texture?

I'm interested in how our mind interprets emotions and the role of colour in this cognitive process. I use the white to create depth of surface, to invite the viewer to look through the outer opaline surface to the colour behind it. This layered approach encourages contemplation.