The White Show

30th October – 1st March 2016

What does the colour white mean to you?

White is the colour of space. White for me is a balance. A balance between the filled spaced and an empty space. Both are as important as each other.

What does the colour white mean in context within your work?

White is the consequence of my work, without white there is nothing. The simplicity of my marks draw on the power of the whiteness to reveal a hidden presence and volume.

How do you use white in you work- technique /style /materials?

My artistic practice centres around my training as an embroiderer through the use of traditional hand stitch techniques and mark making. Laboured and meticulously worked wools, multiples of embroidered dots and crosses explore the similarities between pen on paper and thread on fabric. The white a fabric is my paper, my black pen is stitch.

Do you often use white in your art practice or have you used it especially for the exhibition?

I mainly use black to draw, emphasise and reveal the white in my work. Mapping out space and form are central themes in my work. There is a binary simplicity to the work with black line on white ground in most of my pieces; the effect is that of drawing with the added weight of interwoven tactility, wholeness and permanence. The focussed presentation and depth of the work renders it rich, precious and full of meaning.

What work have you made for the exhibition - type of work/ techniques/ style and what does the ‘white' used signify in your work? Does it mean anything or do you use it for its visual quality - i.e. surface texture?

Two pieces are worked from aerial photo’s of cities at nights, abstracted so that the black stitch represents the lights and the white the darkness of the landmass. The pieces focus on the pattern created at a macro scale by humans and their interaction with the landscape.

'Displaced' was one of the first pieces I made when I moved to London. An abstract self portrait of myself at this point in time. The title reflecting how I felt for some time. The white square (me) hemmed in and surrounded my the city.