Syrian Supper meets flow gallery 

28th November 2013

 I first became aware of the Syrian Supper Club at the Charity event ‘Hands up for Syria’ last summer. Of course I was aware of what was happening in Syria but listening to first hand accounts made me want not just to donate money but also to help raise it. Attending a Syrian Supper hosted by George also nourished this idea. It was a great evening with friends and with lovely homemade food but more importantly I experienced how a simple idea could raise money for such a worthwhile cause. I listened to George’s impassioned talk and felt some of what he was feeling and definitely felt that I wanted to help in some way. That night I promised I would host a dinner. 

I have worked at flow gallery for over four years now. It’s a beautiful space set in Nottinghill. One day after a recent Private view I realized that instead of squeezing a few people into my already full home why not host the dinner at the gallery. The gallery owner, Yvonna- my boss and friend kindly agreed. Yvonna had been to Syria on Holiday around three years ago and was keen to help a country that she had fell in love with on her holidays. 

We ambitiously set the bar high and said we could host up to a hundred people! We of course wanted to try and raise as much money on the night as possible and knew that at a push the gallery could just about fit that number but every one would have to stand! In the end after lots of emailing and social networking efforts we had fifty RSVPS’. This turned out to be a great number; the evening was busy but intimate. A generous friend made over nineteen benches so that everyone could perch on a slightly wobbly bench.

 We tried to put into the evening a bit of what flow is about and make the most of what the gallery could offer. Therefore, not only a larger space but also all of flow’s customers and friends of the gallery and three hosts/cooks - Yvonna, Katy and myself! We wanted to make it a great evening but also keep the cost down so that as much money as possible could go to the Syria Relief charity. Yvonna is a great cook so was put in charge of a lot of the cooking! I made my body weight in hummus and cous cous and I roped a good friend to help me make some pastry treats. Yvonna also managed to secure some very generous donations. The company SD trading donated their amazing palm leaf tableware that everybody loved The Falafel King on Portobello road donated over 240 falafels and bread...they were the best falafels I have ever tasted! Also, Yvonna’s friend who owns a farm in Wales kindly donated all the organic lamb that Yvonna used to make her yummy lamb balls. 

The night was a huge success and we managed to raise £1,400 for the Syria Relief charity. It was reassuring to hear that all the money will reach the people who need it the most. Thank you again to all of those who came to flow and please host your own dinner… big or small it will be a great evening for an even greater cause.