'Top 3 at Flow' by our intern Marie Louise.

1. Debbie Wijskamp - Paper pulp pot 

Debbie Wijskamp’s paper pulp pot is in my top 3 favourite pieces at flow mostly due to the interesting qualities delivered by the unusual material used. Primarily what I like the most about this pot is how the paper pulp has been used to construct an object which in everyday circumstances would be used to maybe contain a substance such as water- which evidently would easily destroy the paper. To me this appreciation adds to the pot’s delicate and fragile nature which is ultimately what I love about it. I think the use of this unusual material is interesting because it explores what media is used at the moment in the manufacture of everyday objects and widens the possibilities for the future. I also love how the outside of the pot has been left without any paint which makes the paper pulp more visible and accentuates the use of it. This also gives it a raw and natural quality which is another reason I love it so much along with its simplicity. There is no embellishment or complexity which to me really adds to its beauty.

2. Katy Jennings – small ceramic bird 

Katy Jennings’ small ceramic bird is another one of my favourite pieces because of its endearing charm derived from its uncomplicated and clean design. It’s small and I love how the piece’s shape is vague and not clearly defined as a bird’s shape yet it’s so easily recognised as one due to a single feature – the gold beak. To me the lack of detail combined with its simple white colour adds to its beauty as it isn’t over crowded with detail yet its golden beak adds enough contrast to the white to make it interesting. It’s not a symmetrical or balanced shape which I love because it shows that it was hand made which adds character and appeal because it makes it unique.

3. Emily Courtauld – Single stem vase 

There are many factors which contribute to why I love these vases so much but my main reason is because of how the clay has been used in such a delicate way and has given the otherwise strong material a fineness and a fragility. This quality combined with its irregular shape and the small circles embossed into the outside of the vase make it look like a bag made out of fabric. Again I love its simplicity and how the off white colour of the ceramic is contrasted lightly by the pale blue glazing on the small handle. Another reason I love these pieces is because each one is slightly different as they are made by hand and the shape is therefore slightly unbalanced which gives it personality and character which I think adds to its charm.

Thanks to Marie Louise!!