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Bonnie Kemske, the author of The Teabowl: East and West, will be at Flow Gallery on 14 March 2019 for an evening of exploration and discussion about the iconic and enigmatic teabowl. Noted for its sophistication, simplicity, and the reverence in which it is held, the teabowl has become ubiquitous in contemporary ceramics. Bonnie approaches the teabowl form and its story from her personal perspective as an artist and tea ceremony student, and ultimately asks, ‘Why does a ceramic form that arose out of the specificity of Japanese tea ceremony hold so much appeal for potters and collectors in the West?’

Dr Bonnie Kemske is a ceramic artist, writer, and curator. She was Editor of Ceramic Review

2010 to 2013. She regularly writes features and reviews for international publication as well as contributing papers to the academic press. She has been a student of Urasenke tea ceremony for many years.