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We are delighted to showcase Hannah Bedford’s jewellery. ‘Fifteen Reflections’ marks fifteen years of her granulation jewellery. A debut exhibition at Flow of her one-of-a-kind variations of her ‘Berry’ and ‘Adorn’ Collections. 

Hannah Bedford is a leading maker of contemporary fine jewellery, using the ancient art of granulation. Designs are meticulously handcrafted with a focus on sustainability and ethically sourced precious materials. Each unique granule is crafted on a charcoal block before it is cleaned and individually applied to form innovative designs. The bonding of these minute granules requires great skill, precision and above all, patience.

In the new ‘Berry Collection’ variations, clutches of precious granules are fused together in a filigree of shimmering orbs, combining contrasting precious metals or scattered with ethically sourced diamonds and sapphires. Hidden granule treasures are revealed in the ‘Adorn Collection’ designs. Smoothly shaped forms are adorned with textural granulation detailing in a myriad of ways - exploring organic growth patterns.