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17th January - 16th March 2019

Flow is delighted to present this two person showFinding Form’ by textile artist Marian Bijlenga and ceramicist Chinoko Sakamoto. Both artists explore abstract forms and patterns. The artworks display rhythm and movement through pattern, shape and colour.

Marian Bijlenga, based in Amsterdam creates wall sculptures from delicately worked elements of horse hair, viscose, paper, glass and fish scales. Her work explores her inspiration found in the natural world and the balance between intuition, creative impulse and structure.  

Bijlenga  is fascinated by dots, lines and contours, by their rhythmical movements but also by the empty space they confine. Instead of drawing on paper, Bijlenga draws in space using textiles as the material. It becomes a “spatial drawing”.

Chinoko Sakamoto is a sculptor, based in Nagasaki, Japan. Her ceramics are strongly shaped by her studies in London. Sakamoto was inspired by modernist sculptures, notably the work of Constantin Brancusi. 

Drawing from Eastern and Western culture, Sakamoto creates curious ceramic objects by hand-building, balancing ambiguously between form and function, ancient and modern, craft and sculpture.