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Astrid Keller solo show

Flow gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Astrid Keller, a jeweller and metal-smith. Astrid Keller operates between jewellery and three-dimensional objects. Keller does not typically start by drawing or modeling a preconceived outcome. She prefers to think about metal and how it can be manipulated and transformed to create beautiful variations. ‘The development of her shapes is always related to the material and the many possible ways, in which it can be worked’. Beate Leonard.

The exhibition explores the relationship between objects; how they combine, evolve and interact. Inspiration is derived from the process of making. Her work explores new methods and techniques within her discipline. The technique employed directly influences the appearance of her work. Ornamentation and repetition are key themes within her practice. The process of repetition can create or even determine a form. It allows exploration of volume, decoration and pattern. Repetition creates a rhythm; it highlights difference, irregularity and the history behind surfaces. Keller combines the archaic with innovative techniques, giving her objects a sense of fragility. Using a monochromatic palette her work rejects colour and is subtle, yet striking. There is beauty found in their melancholic appearance.

‘Astrid Keller’s jewellery and objects neither demand overt attention, nor do they wish to be spectacular. It takes some time to understand their technical and intellectual independence and to admire them for these characteristics’.

‘The time which Astrid Keller invests in her work becomes physically tangible. The duration and the traces of the work process are recognisable as a signature of a restrained expression’. Rüdiger Joppien