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4 October 2018 –12th January 2019

Flow is delighted to present this collaboration between the painter Alessandra Taccia and the ceramist Mizuyo Yamashita.

Through their artwork they explore familiar ceramic forms and functional ware. The artists aim to transcend these objects, Taccia through her painting and Yamashita through her decoration. Both artists explore balance and harmony within their work. Each piece is a re-imagined take on a traditional artifact. Their work creates a feeling that could be described by the Japanese concept of ‘Wa’ (to achieve harmony). Combining a familiar form with the artist imagination, finding the balance between simplicity and decoration. Imbuing their subject simultaneously with feeling and emotion while retaining its core essence.

Alessandra Taccia
“To reach simplicity I went through a lot of complications, this is the life path I’ve chosen: achieving simpleness and simplicity in all I do. Through experiencing I’ve found that it’s the hardest as human beings have a tendency to over complicating things, our society and the way we live being proof of this.
My paintings are an honest result of years of hard work to achieve a clean state of mind; it’s an ongoing life project.”

Mizuyo Yamashita
Mizuyo’s work explores modern aesthetics combined with traditional, regional artifacts and their functionality. Her work draws upon various cultural influences. Clean and simple shapes are often twisted with hidden decorations, contrasting clays and glazes. Traditional Asian ceramic shapes are decorated with European motives and Japanese craft skills are applied to very simple traditional English pottery forms.