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‘The end of February’

Kisaragi tsugomorikoro ni…


From ‘The Pillow Book’

The title of Akiko Hirai’s Solo Show– ‘Kisaragi tsugomorikoro ni’ | ‘The end of February’ derives from a chapter in ‘The Pillow Book’, a classic of Japanese literature. The book was written by a courtier, Sei Shounagon in early 11th Century and contains musings and observations of life at court during the changing seasons. Within the chapter there is a Waka poem about the arrival of spring. Sei Shounagon describes the beginning of spring through her mistakenly seeing snowflakes that were falling flower petals.

Akiko Hirai has taken this chapter as the theme for her exhibition at Flow gallery. The exhibition opens at the end of February, the end of winter and finishes at the end of May when spring is in full bloom. Hirai describes the poetic text with the tilting necks of her ‘Still Life’ bottles and the distressed rims of her ‘Moon jars’. Hirai’s form and surface decoration are tactile interpretations of poetry.

Talk by Akiko Hirai during exhibition

A specially created tea hosted alongside a private view of ceramic work by Akiko Hirai, followed by a talk with the artist and Flow Gallery director, Yvonna Demczynska.

15:00 - 16:30, 07 May 2016

20 places, £8 + vat

Booking: Necessary

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