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Hearts and flowers in contemporary jewellery.

Curated by Leonie Philpot for Gallery Complete in Tel Aviv and flow Gallery in London, Freshly Cut is an exhibition focused on heart and flower themes in leading-edge jewellery design. Featuring seven individual designer-makers with an international perspective; each artist shares an alternative view of either the traditional heart symbol or ornamental flower motifs in jewellery.

In the decorative arts, narrative is often created around these widely used images to convey emotion and ritual. Throughout the long history of adorning the body, heart and flower motifs can be seen as decorative embodiments of love and celebration, traditionally significant in creating standards of beauty and modern-day cliches.

Freshly Cut explores these idyllic sensibilities in jewellery in a delicate yet rebellious way. The abstract use of materials, colour, motif and meaning have come together to give a fresh view of a well-established subject. Each individual collection is an original testament to a personal idea, and whilst exploring parody, poetry or a celebration of beauty, the exhibition in its entirety displays contemporary design that challenges the role of romance and beauty in jewellery.