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Ceramist Henk Wolvers uses the pure ingredient porcelain to create beautiful pieces of art. With using this material - of which the roots lie in China - one requires craftsmanship, discipline and love for his profession. Henk Wolvers became master of the material and has since created a wide range of various subtle shapes with powerful and charming color-combinations.

Important aspects in his work are movement and transparency in combination with structures and variety of colors. The origin is related to the well-known shapes of a vase or a bowl, but are continuously reinvented and reshaped in order to generate unique and mystic pieces of art.

The skin of the pieces can be mat or shiny on either the in- or the outside generating an unprecedented intensity and exclusivity of the work. During the creation-process Henk Wolvers never forces the material, but leaves it up to the clay to find its own way; a unique combination of consideration and spontaneity. The firing process, which is the last but not the least important phase of the process, is severely controlled in order to get the desired result: Wolvers porcelain.

Price: £1,598.00.