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Flow is delighted to dedicate a solo show to the beautiful ceramics of the Dutch artist Henk Wolvers.

Wolvers creates objects from ultra-fine porcelain, working with the pure ingredient itself while searching for its material limitations. Wolvers pushes the boundaries of his chosen material, creating sheets of thin porcelain and ceramic calligraphy. He was drawn to porcelain, fascinated by its translucency.

The walls of his vessels are paper thin, some with punctured holes, creating almost porcelain lace. The purity of the material inspired Wolvers from the outset to create predominately abstract forms. Wolvers work explores his pursuit of perfection; the movement, transparency and combination of colours in porcelain. The beautiful objects invite us to experience this perfection. The origin of his forms is related to the familiar vase, bowl or platter but are continuously reinvented and reshaped in order to generate unique pieces of art. The white porcelain acts as a canvas in which to add lines and coloured planes. The drawing is an essential part of the form, sometimes applied using porcelain slips and a comb between two thin layers of clay.

Wolvers pushes the material even further with his porcelain wall installations. The work explores dematerialisation with his development of strengthened porcelain allowing him to create structures drawn with a brush, a porcelain dripping technique which resembles calligraphy. These wall installations explore light, shadow and space. Light is at the centre of his preoccupations, the shadow the forms create. Mounted a few centimetres from the wall, as though suspended in space, they play fully with their shadows. 

Wolvers employs his minimalist sensibilities to all his surroundings. His home and studio in the Netherlands are beautifully designed; express his eye for precision, geometry and simplicity. Wolvers surrounds himself with his work, his home becoming almost a retrospective. His style of work reflects his lifestyle, the personality of the maker captured

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