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12 November 2010 – 8 January 2011

This is a show focused on work in different media that seeks to make tangible some aspect of the invisible workings of the human brain, or to make material the immaterial processes of thought and emotion.

All seven artists are moved by the intimate partnership but conceptual gulf between hand and brain - and by the kind of thinking through materials that craft so pre-eminently exemplifies.

The seven makers approach the subject from several different perspectives. Some are inspired by psychology and psychoanalysis, the way we think and feel, while others are inspired by the brain itself as an object. Some are drawn to the imagery of neuroscience - whether brain scans or photographic images of sections of tissue or the earliest drawings of neurons and synapses. Others are more concerned to embody psychological ideas - dreams, for instance, or sensations, or moods.

Dail Behennah is a fibre artist, with a wide practice encompassing three dimensional sculpture and wall hangings. She is using her work to explore the neuropsychology of the creative state of "flow".

Steve Royston Brown works with clay and print - transforming the two dimensional image into a three dimensional object. His focus of interest is the way ideas are transformed through their encounter with matter.

Edmond Byrne is a glass artist, currently collaborating with a researcher at King's College to explore 3D fMRI images of different emotional states.

Koji Shiraya is a ceramicist who creates mysterious, highly tactile works summoning our mind through our senses.

Louis Thompson is a glass artist whose most recent project at the Freud Museum saw him create jars with elusive coloured shapes inside, hanging suspended as if in fluid, metaphors for dreams.

Rowan Mersh is a textile artist by training who uses textiles and other fibres to create large installations and performance pieces embodying complex ideas.

Katja Prins is a jeweller from Holland whose work is profoundly influenced by genetics and other scientific ideas and images.

All seven will make work specifically for this show.

This exhibition is curated by Emma Crichton Miller