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15th  September – 4 November 2017

*Private View : Thursday 14th September  6-8.30pm*
*Edmond will be giving a short talk at 6.30pm, about the work he has made for the exhibition.*

Edmond Byrne is an Irish glass blower, having graduated with a Masters in Glass at the Royal College of Art in 2010, Edmond went on to complete an apprenticeship with Dale Chihuly’s team in the USA whilst they worked on projects including the chandelier for the V&A.

 Edmond’s technique involves blowing glass into hand-made moulds. He lines them with materials including clay, fabric, plaster and metal to create patinas and cracks on the surface of the vessels. Through the glass blowing processes he explores colour, texture and form.

 In this Solo exhibition at Flow gallery Byrne examines the metameric phenomenon; when two individual colours appear indistinguishable to the human eye, their difference is only revealed when they are juxtaposed with contrasting colours for comparison. Glass reflects light but also allows light to pass through and project. The nature of this dynamic and how it affects light of different wavelengths reaching the eye lends itself to the phenomenon.

 Colour research in glass is essential to Byrne’s studio practice. He combines hues with base colours, especially greys, and darker colours, that would not be immediately apparent. Only gradually revealing themselves as the eye adjusts.

 In displaying this work, Byrne layers selected colours together to create a crosslink between each hue, bringing forth a subtle symphony of interactions and realisations to be discovered and contemplated.