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White Show

30th October – 20th February 2016

Private view 6-9 PM, 29th October 2015

The White show explores the strength of the colour white. e feelings and connotations that shades of white can create, from purity to emptiness. The works show the broad tonal palette created using white. They examine shape, express mark-making and texture within a monochrome palette.

Artists include: Edmond Byrne, Eva Brandt, Bettina Dittleman, Lizzie Farey, Hans-Henning Pedersen, Akiko Hirai, Annika, Jarring, Jess Jos, Hyu Jin Jo, Matthias Kaiser, Astrid Keller, Kira Phoenix K'inan, Maria Kristofersson, Richard McVetis, Iva Polachova, Yuta Segawa, Lisa Stockham, Katharine Swailes, Vezzini & Chen Design, Mizuyo Yamashita.