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"Since 2011 I have worked with flat forms with a tiny shivering rim, which makes the object a sort of basin or dish, not a tile. The object comes alive and achieves its artistic value through many layers of glazing and firings. The process makes specifically use of ceramic media. The glazing part of the process may be compared with painting – but with very different means. I do not note precise descriptions for each piece, and cannot exactly repeat a result, but trace some of the ingredients. It is the very theme in my present work to find an unexpected beauty and to include and build on marks from the process, and cracks, pinholes and other ceramic “faults” are so welcome. The artistic expression is ranged higher than utility – however, these objects are still linked to the rich traditions of function.

I seldom give up a piece, but give it a new try. But I am strict in the final selection."

Price: £900.00 each


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