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Flow is showcasing a selection of European crafts inspired by the complexity and beauty in nature and the properties of materials to express this. The work will provide a contemplative naturalistic display with a Scandinavian feel that is popular in England. Vessels by Hans Henning Pederson highlight the complexity of colour and patterns found in wood. Sidsel Hanum creates intricate porcelain sculptures inspired by nature's forms. Jeanne Opgenhaffen’s coloured porcelain murals, inspired by rock strata have movement like a breeze blowing across a field. Maria Jauhiainen captures the transience of nature and translates it into a durable material. Kati Tuominen-Niittylä’s works in harmony with her materials, referencing rural traditions of Finland. Edmond Byrne creates organic glass vessels. The making process determines the form. Claire Brewster's hand cut bird installation will sweep you away. While Henk Wolvers' porcelain will create a poetic feel to flow's presentation.

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