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4 -12 May 2018

St Peters Church, Cambridge

This site specific exhibition is a collaboration between a painter and ceramist set in a beautiful, simple old church that still has traces of its Saxon past. The church neighbours Kettles Yard, a favourite place of ours that has always inspired Flow Gallery.

Alessandra Taccia 

“There is a sort of universality in grouping objects, in its habit and ritual, from setting the table to displaying things on a shelf.

In art the depiction of grouped objects is called Still Life, a reference to its aspiration to thwart time.

What appeals to me is the interconnection created between space, time and the onlooker. My aim is to offer an occasion to pause, to perceive that connection, to invite participation by listening to the silent language of objects”.

Akiko Hirai explores the relationship between object, space, and the moments of contemplation within the viewer. Her ceramics allows viewers to discover the language of objects. In this exhibition Akiko Hirai aims to create the space of silence with objects from her experience.

“I am hearing but I am not hearing with my ears, I am seeing but I am not seeing with my eyes. I am touching but the sensation is not coming from my fingertips. 

Our perception is obtained through learning and experience. No one’s experiences are the same; therefore no one has the same perception of our surrounding world. 

The notion of the word silence means ‘no sound’. It’s connected to our sense of hearing, but do we know that we could also see, touch and feel the silence with our other senses? “