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13th September - 8th November 2019

Private View Thursday 12th September 6 - 8pm

Flow Gallery is pleased to introduce the work of Jessica Coates and Michel Müller, who together form Studio MC. Their playful and ambiguous arrangements of sculptural ceramics reference architectural forms and functional objects to explore the versatility and potential of the vessel form. 

Studio MC are interested in utilising the versatility of clay to embrace chance and unpredictability.  Referencing primary shapes and architectural forms they experiment with the connotations of vessel forms, which play with the distinction  between art objects and functional ceramics.

Studio MC’s objects make use of various techniques including coil-built intuitive forms, contrasting with uniform, slab-built or wheel-thrown shapes.  Their arrangements  promote a deep interest and  understanding of shape and fascination that with a slightly  different bend of silhouette the aura and formal vocabulary of a vessel can change completely. 

They are interested in the traditions and history of the vessel as a practical domestic container,  but also drawing on the resemblance and relation to architectural shapes and spaces.