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Flow is delighted to present ‘Teleonomy Of Objects’, a solo show by Akiko Hirai.

6 July - 29 September 2018

Teleonomy is the quality of apparent purposefulness and of goal-directedness of structures and functions in living organisms brought about by the exercise, augmentation, and, improvement of reasoning.
I interpret language to imitate my memory of feelings. It corresponds to the energy dynamics that occurs in the process of my making of ceramic work. I am not a physicist, chemist or mathematician, therefore, the majority of parts have to be created by my imagination, my first step of understanding the correlation between object and my personal language.
Scientific audio books are my company in my studio. Being on my own, listening to my books, seeing the results of physical changes of materials caused by chemical reactions, heat and all the dynamics of energy always puts me into some kind of philosophical state of mind.
There is a word “Shogyo-Mujo 諸行無常” in Buddhism. It means impermanence of every existing thing. All is transient, nothing is fixed or all things must pass. Whether material or a mental condition, all things are in a continuous change of condition.