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I make pots. Pots to be used, pots to be looked at and most of all pots to be enjoyed. A variety of different voices influence my work, from East to West, Korea to Marshall, Karatsu to Button. I hope that the combination of these influences and personal endeavor lead to pieces of work that have a subtle beauty that only clay can allow to happen.

I make a variety of forms, ranging from vases and lidded containers to drinking cups and pouring bowls. All work is stoneware and is thrown and turned on a slow turning kick wheel.

My work is fired with gas, wood and soda. The soda is introduced over the last three hours of the 17 hour firing (approx). It is added the firing as a paste on slabs of wood. The wood and soda give the subtle blushes(and sometimes not so subtle) of colour. It also affects the surface sheen of the pieces.

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