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‘Triple O’ Designed by Yoichi Katakura

Jewellery from Japan  ‘Triple O’ collection designed by Yoichi Katakura and made by traditional kimono belt textile makers.  

"This is jewellery that combines two natural materials - silk and linen. Its development started with creating original threads. It’s blended with French linen that has a fine texture cultivated in the Normandy region of France and a lustrous silk at a ratio of 6:4. With only linen, it would be scratchy, and it would not be suitable for a necklace. So, we mixed the silk in order to tailor a smooth texture with that has a slight lustre to it.  If the yarn is thin, you can make a beautiful thread ball, so even though it takes extra time and effort, a thin uniform thread is used.

Neither the silk or linen are dyed, making use of the colour of the material itself. Silk white overlaps the original linen’s greyish beige and it is finished in a light greyish beige. "

Prices range from £36.00 to £193.00